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Area History

The Supersition Mountain area has played a major role in the film making industry since Jon Dored, a camera operator for the Southern Pacific Railroad, filmed the first commercial motion picture of Roosevelt Dam, the Apache Trail and Tonto National Monument on November 18, 1910. Dored shot 850 feet of film during his stay in the area. Several film shorts were shot in the area between 1910-1920. Actors and actresses from around the world have worked on sets beneath the facade of Superstition Mountain. Movie greats such as Glenn Ford, Ida Lupino, James Stewart, Audie Murphy, Jack Holt and Tom Mix have starred in films shot on location in the area. Singers such as Marty Robbins, Elvis Presley, Kenny Rogers and Waylon Jennings have done films at Apacheland. The past was great and the future will be greater.

© Trisha Khul

© Wes Grant


The Sonoran Desert, Superstition Mountain and the Salt River Lakes all offer film producers a variety of natural landscapes. They are filled with caves, cliffs, deep arroyos, canyons, precipitous mountain peaks, deep pot holes, waterfalls, Saguaro cactus, Ponderosa pine forest and desert landscapes. A wide range of wildlife can be found in the Sonoran Desert.
Cultural features include paved and unpaved mountain roads, rugged mountain trails, stone buildings, old mining camps, mine tunnels, shafts, man-made lakes, steel (stone and wooden) bridges, tramways, railroads, timbered railroad bridges, small airports to large ex-military bases, paved roads of all descriptions, private homes of all income levels, cattle ranches, dairies, orchards, orange groves, farms multi-story buildings, heliopads, guest resort, secluded guest ranch, and variety of structures old and new.

The City of Apache Junction invites and welcomes people of all disabilities to use our programs, sites and facilities. Any question about Library services for people with disabilities can be answered by our Library ADA Coordinator (480) 474-8555, TDD (480) 983-6012 or Additional information may be found at