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You know the Valley is full of interesting museums, zoos, and other cultural institutions. Right here, we have fascinating architecture, hands-on science lessons, and places where history comes alive. If you’ve been interested in visiting these spots, the Apache Junction Public Library can help!

We’ve partnered with cultural institutions and other Arizona public libraries to become part of the Culture Pass™ program. Take advantage of this program to check out admission for two people to various locations around Arizona, including the Superstition Mountain Museum, the Heard Museum and more.

Special exhibits and events may not be covered by the pass, so we suggest getting in touch with the institution ahead of time to make sure you can see everything you want to see. They may even have their own discounts or specials in addition to the Culture Pass™. (Click here for a list of free dates and times at Valley museums, plus museums that are always free.)

Each patron may check out one Culture Pass™ at a time and families as a whole are limited to two per month. Culture Passes™ work towards the two most expensive tickets, so if you have a family of two adults and two children, you need only pay the childrens’ admission fee.

Don’t forget, neither the Culture Pass™ card or your library card will work for admission. Only a valid check-out receipt from the library will work. Have fun exploring the Valley!

We currently offer Culture Passes for the following locations:

When checking out a pass, please contact the location to schedule your visit and be informed of any COVID-19 restrictions in place at the facility.

(If a Culture Pass™ is checked out, it will be made available the next business day after the due date.)

How can you do it?

  1. Visit the Library with a current Apache Junction Public Library Card and pick out a Culture Pass from the display. We have a limited number of passes available for each location and they’re first-come-first-serve. Sorry, we can’t renew or reserve these passes, so come with an open mind and a desire to explore!
  2. Once you’re done, take the Culture Pass to the Service Desk. (Don’t walk out with it – it won’t let you into an institution by itself.) Our staff will give you a check-out receipt to take to the location you chose.
  3. Visit the institution you chose sometime in the next 7 days. From there, the institution staff will handle your admission

What is the Culture Pass™?

The Culture Pass™ allows library patrons like you to check out free admission to cultural institutions such as museums, and places of historical interest. The Culture Pass™ program is a partnership between Phoenix metro area libraries and cultural institutions. More information about the Culture Pass can be found at www.act1az.org/culture-pass/

How are the passes “checked out?”

First, select a card for the venue of your choice from the display at the Library. (The passes are on a first-come-first-served basis and can’t be reserved or renewed.) When you’re done browsing, take the card to the Service Desk along with your Apache Junction Public Library card for check-out. Your check-out receipt serves as your Pass.

How many passes may I check out?

Each patron may check out one pass at a time. Families as a whole may check out two passes per month total.

How long will the pass be valid?

The pass is valid for 7 days from the time of check-out.  It expires at the end of the day on the due date located on the check-out receipt.

May I use the pass more than once?

No. Each pass is good for one-time admittance for up to two people. At the time you are admitted, the venue will collect your check-out receipt and the Library may not print another.

Are Culture Passes™ renewable?

No. In order to ensure all patrons are able to have the chance to visit cultural institutions around the Valley, passes are good for one week only.

Are Culture Passes™ reservable (i.e. can I ask the library to hold one for me)? Can I reserve them online?

No. We suggest you come to the Library with an open mind towards visiting a new place if passes for the institution you have in mind is not available.

Do the passes need to be returned to the Library?

The Library will collect what we need from you when you visit the check-out desk, and the institution will collect what it needs when you visit the location. There is no need to return anything to the Library.

Can I use my library card to get free admission?

No.  A valid Apache Junction Public Library card is required to check-out the Culture Pass™, but by themselves a library card will not grant admission to participating museums and destinations.

If I have more people than what is allotted on the pass, which tickets are free?

The free admission can be redeemed against your highest price ticket.  So, if you come with 2 adults and 2 children, you can pay for just the children.

Are there restrictions on the Culture Pass™?

The pass covers admission to the venue, but not to special events/exhibits.  Some participating organizations may have a few select dates when the pass cannot be used.  Restrictions are listed on both the program and venue websites. We recommend double-checking the institution’s website or giving them a call before you pick up a pass.

Are there any other ways to get free admission to museums besides the Culture Pass?

See here for a list of free dates and times at museums around the Valley, as well as museums that are always free.

Click here for a list of Free Museums in the Greater Phoenix Area