Library Director
Pam Harrison

Library Manager
Tracie Curtis

Supervisory Librarian, Adult Services
Vicki Ann Duraine

Supervisory Librarian, Youth Services
Penny Brumbaugh

Library Supervisor, Circulation, Cataloging and Acquisitions
Trish Pelletier

Outreach and Programming Librarian
Megan Carbiener

Other Library Staff
Jeremy Berini, Anthony Doan, Amy Fitch, Anthony Fitzwater, Diana Gabriel, Stephanie Greene, Frieda Hamilton, Dennis Harpool, Cynthia Haun, Christopher Jackson, Johnny 5,  Sam Kinney, Sancie Lee-Brown, Sandra Ketchum, Michelle Manfredi, Leah Martin, Antoinette McMillen, Deborah Obolewicz, Krista Reisenbuechler, Megan Robles, Craig Smith, Naomi Smith, Megan Sparks, Grace Tomaszewski, and TJ Watkins

Fun Van Staff
Ashley Crooks, Karen Gunderson, Jessica Healy, Amber Langenberg, Katherine McGrue-Whitmeyer, Ryanne Pinney, and Felicia Smith