We know that Megan Carbiener, our Outreach Supervisor and Programming Librarian, is a budding superstar but now it’s official! The Arizona Library Association recently chose Megan from nominees throughout Arizona for the 2022 Emerging Leader Award. Megan excels in all the criteria including innovative programming, maintaining a positive vision and inspiring others, and believing in the vitality and future of library services.

Megan says, “I am extremely honored and humbled to receive the Emerging Leader award from the Arizona Library Association. This is an especially meaningful accomplishment for me because this award gives me a chance to say, ‘thank you’ and honor all of those who have helped me progress in the library world. Winning this award has energized me to do more for my community, and it acts as a commitment for me to give back to those who have generously given to me in hours of leadership, mentoring, and support. I feel very fortunate that I found my passion for library services so early on, and this award emboldens me to continue to lead through serving and supporting others.”

Thank you, Megan, for making a difference in the library and our community — and congratulations. You rock!