Coding Club

Welcome to Coding Club! Thursdays from 5-6 pm for ages 6+.

MEGAbyte Level

  1. Introductory Video – Watch at
  2. Hour of Code (your choice): Complete 2– Click on the link and earn a completion certificate. Watch all videos and Look at the code you write after each puzzle.
    1. for Angry Birds
    2. for Minecraft
    3. for Frozen
    4. for Star Wars
    5. for Moana
  1. Learn How To Make a Project in Scratch – Join Scratch. Record username on your Code Club Membership Form. Work with getting the cat to dance.
  1. – Stage 5: The Artist– Complete the 10 Puzzles. Write down the code for the pen color that you used.
  1. Scratch Build Your Own Game– Go to Create and develop your own game/project to share with the community. (you will need to login and have your account verified through email to share.)
  1. Scratch Remix Project– Pick a project and change 5 things to make it unique to you. For examples see the What the Community is Remixing section for ideas.

What is a remix?
When a “scratcher” makes a copy of someone else’s project and midifies it to add their own ideas, the resulting project is called a “remix.” Even a minor change is a valid remix (like changing scripts or costumes) as long as the credit is given to the original project creator and others who made significant contributions to the remix.

GIGAbyte Level

  1. Complete 5 Challenges – Remember to “See Inside” for each challenge.
    a. – “The Little Book of Programming Challenges”.
    b.– “10 Blocks Challenge”.
    c.– “Creative Writing with Scratch Challenges Studio”
    d.– “Random Challenges”
  2. Khanacademy: Intro to Javascript
    Go to

      1. Click on Subjects
    1. Highlight Computing
    2. Click on Computer Programming
    3. Click on Intro to JS: Drawing & Animation
    4. Complete ALL 16 tutorials/sections
  1. Codeacademy: HTML & CSS
    Go to .

    1. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on HTML & CSS under Learn to Code.
    2. Complete all 10 levels.
  1. Build a Javascript Game
    Go to

    1. Click on +Create – New Program.
    2. Create a game to share with your friends.
  1. Codecademy: Welcome to Codecademy
    Go to

    1. Get practice by creating web applications with the HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills you’ve learned.

TERAbyte Level

1. Complete 10 Challenges – Remember to “See Inside” for each challenge.

  1. The Little Book of Programming Challenges 
  2. 10 Blocks Challenge
  3. Creative Writing with Scratch Challenges Studio
  1. Khanacademy: Advanced Javascript
    1. Go to
    2. Click on Subjects
    3. Highlight Computing
    4. Click on Computer Programming
    5. Click on Advanced JS: Games & Visualizations
    6. Complete ALL7 Tutorials (sections)
  1. Codeacademy: Javascript & jQuery
    1. Go to
    2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on jQueryunder Learn To Code.
    3. Complete all 5 levels.
  1. Teach 5 New Coders– Select 5 new coders and help teach each of them for 1 session. (Total of 5 sessions)
  1. Codecademy – Do ALL Projects
    2. Get practice by creating web applications with the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills you’ve learned.