Anyone is welcome to get a library card at Apache Junction Public Library. We offer a standard library card as well as an Easy Access card.

Apache Junction Public Library cards with a 20-item limit are free to anyone who:

  • Lives in Pinal County
  • Owns property in Pinal County
  • Works in Apache Junction
  • Goes to school in Apache Junction

Easy Access cards are free to anyone with a photo ID regardless of residence. These cards have a 3-item limit and are limited to 3 items on hold at any given time. These cards still allow for computer and database access (including our ebook, audiobook, and streaming video services). Easy Access cards can be upgraded at any time if you meet the requirements for a 20-item library card (listed above), or by paying a fee of $20/6 months or $40/1 year. Easy Access cards must be renewed in person once per year. You will need to be physically present at the library and show a photo ID to renew your Easy Access card.