Hello Stranger by Katherine Center, recommended by Leah

I loved this book! Katherine’s writing is like fine wine and gets better as the time goes on. This book took an idea I’d never known or heard about and made it a beautiful story. I loved seeing the world through Sadie’s eyes. If this book had a sequel, I’d read it!

Her Perfect Twin by Sarah Bonner, recommended by Tracie

Megan thinks she is happily married to her controlling perfectionist husband Chris until she sees a picture of herself on Chris’s cellphone – in underwear she does not own.   Megan searches for the underwear, reviewing her recent activities and memories, which brings up the idea of her twin sister, Leah? as the poser in the picture on her husband’s phone. Megan is estranged from her sister but decides there is more going on in her life than she can grasp and decides to secretly see her sister, Leah, not telling Chris, to find out more about her own life.

Out There Screaming: An Anthology of New Black Horror edited by Jordan Peele, recommended by Megan S.

This collection of horror stories is gruesome and inventive, with barely a weak story in the bunch. Jordan Peele made outstanding selections that kept me reading – and wishing that some of them were novel-length. There is a variety of stories here to interest anyone, from straightforward horror to science fiction to creepy folklore.

Someone Else’s Shoes by Jojo Moyes, recommended by Debbie

What happens when you pick up the wrong gym bag because you are in a hurry?  The contents are not yours – red designer shoes and a jacket.  Sam is shocked but late for an important meeting with a client.  She puts on the shoes, and this is the beginning of a life changing experience.  Whose shoes are these?  Nisha opens her gym bag only to find someone else’s shoes and clothes.  A pair of shoes changes lives!  This book was hard to put down!  You’ll want to know what happens to Sam and Nisha.  No murders, only a story about someone else’s shoes.

The Christmas Bookshop by Jenny Colgan, recommended by Stephanie

A lovely story about saving a bookshop in Edinburgh, Scotland. Family drama, growing up, a love story and a little Christmas magic are all wrapped up neatly in this charming book.

Starter Villain by John Scalzi, recommended by Megan C.

Inheriting your absentee uncle’s business can be an adjustment… especially when you find out he was a professional supervillain! From island volcanic lairs, to “hyperintelligent talking spy cats,” follow Charlie as he learns the ins and outs of modern villainy, while skirting assassination attempts from his uncle’s enemies. Perfect for fans of Despicable Me, this unique and satirical sci-fi pick is just plain fun, wholesome, and a little bit bizarre!

Staff Book Club Pick: The Underneath by Kathi Appelt

Our staff book club felt a lot of emotions reading this month’s choice. We enjoyed the setting of the bayou and the poetic writing style, but many of us felt it was heart wrenching and very sad. The dual narratives were interesting and we enjoyed the sense of magic imbued in the pages of this book.