Are you mad for magazines? Do you linger at the grocery store checkout perusing the covers of US (“Sophie Turner Calls Joe Jonas Her ‘Baby Daddy’ in Cute Birthday Post”) and The National Enquirer (“Once Upon a Time Hero Was a Real-Life Bad Guy”)?  Magazines are such a great way to keep up with what’s new — whether it’s in entertainment, ideas for cooking or crafts, hobbies like woodworking or robots, or the news of the world.

The only problem? It can cost a bundle to subscribe to all the magazines you might be interested in. Apache Junction Public Library to the rescue — again!

It’s as easy as going to the Library website, clicking on “I Want To” then “Browse Digital Collections” and, down at the very bottom, selecting RBDigital Magazines.

Your library card gives you access to a variety of magazines, from


With stops at all the letters in between, including

And many, many others.

You just borrow and download them on your reader. The only problem? Making time to read all the issues that have caught your eye. That we can’t help you with.

So do your pocketbook a favor and keep up with your interests by downloading magazines from the Apache Junction Public Library, another service from the best little library in the Valley.