Week 8 Craft

Watch for some fun process art painting activity ideas with Mrs. Ashley, as she paints with unique items.

I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More! by Karen Beaumont is a great story to pair with any painting activity. It is also a personal favorite of Mrs. Ashley.

We want to know what you guys decide to paint with at home together. So grab whatever you have on hand and paint paint paint!

Happy Arbor Day!

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To celebrate Arbor day we have some fun literacy and craft ideas for you!

This is a day to plant or observe the importance of trees in our lives. Take this time to read some adorable stories with your children, do some crafts, and maybe even go on a nature walk. Let us know what other activities you guys come up with as you observe Arbor Day today!

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom is a fun story to tie together a conversation about tress with a conversation about letters.

Tree Craft

A fun tree craft made with different colored paper shapes for the leaves and a hand print/arm tree trunk.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This book can help open conversations about the importance of trees in our lives and the types of creatures that may live in trees.

Caterpillar craft

This neat caterpillar craft is simple and fun for the kids using paint or stamps to make the caterpillar body.

Week 7 Craft

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Check out theses two great crafts with Ms. Kat!

Week 6 Recycled Treasures Craft

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Grab your family and join our latest craft turning trash into treasures with imagination, makers, and some tape! In this video we check out ideas to make a city map, houses and tunnels, trains, helicopters, cars, floating egg carton boats, binoculars, wings and more!

Week 5 Bunny Craft

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Join us to make your own adorable bunnies. You will need…

Construction paper (white or cream colored) and an accent color for the ears

Pom pom for the tail

Nose (A button)

Glue stick or regular glue (glue gun recommended if using a heavy button and to better keep the pipe cleaner whiskers on)

Whiskers (pipe cleaners, may also use thin strips of construction paper)

Eyes (sticker eyes, googley eyes or just draw on the eyes)

Marker (to draw the mouth)

Scissors to cut out the pieces and practice cutting

Tape to tape the headband

Week 4 Craft

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Miss A.J. shares another awesome process art idea from Fun Van. Grab your supplies and join us creating unique and beautiful marbled artwork with your kids.

Week 3 Rain Process Art Activity

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Process art is a great way to engage your little one’s creativity, especially while everyone is cooped up. Process are encourages play and exploration of materials and techniques rather than a focus on the final product. Follow along as we explore this fun process art activity making a rainy day scene with blue paint, a pipette, and a slanted surface.

Week 2 Rainbow Craft Activity

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Grab your craft supplies and make a rainbow with us!

Watch as we make a rainbow using colored yarn, glue, cotton balls, and paper with Miss Amber. Feel free to try out some different materials to make your own unique take on a rainbow.

Father’s Day

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Feet for Fathers!  That’s a thing, right?!  Well, we made it a thing for our craft last week.

We’re Builders, Makers, and Dreamers

Whether it is craft time or play time we love to build, make, and dream some amazing things.  We’ve made snowmen in Arizona, gingerbread, butterflies, and huge castles.