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Books We Are Reading With Our Kids This Season

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Reading with young children is one of the most beneficial and developmentally enriching activities caregivers can do with their children. As caregivers ourselves, the Fun Van educators know that reading with young children can also feel repetitive when you are reading the same books over and over every day. Now that fall is in the air (theoretically), we want to share a few fun books for you to explore with your little ones!

My son loves reading The Crayons’ Book of Numbers with us. He gets especially excited shouting “oh no!” when the crayons are missing and “Hooray!!” when they are found. He loves it when we give each crayon a slightly different voice. It is a cute story that helps kids with color recognition and counting . -Miss Amber

My daughter just received The Very Noisy Farm Book as a gift and loves it! It’s a very simple story, but the animals have squishy heads that make their respective sounds when pushed. It’s been a great way to connect the animal names to their picture and to encourage mimicking animal sounds. – Miss A.J.

Apple Farmer Annie is a class favorite this session. The story walks readers through Annie’s adventures as an apple farmer during harvest season. Annie picks, sorts, bakes, and sells her apples and returns home to enjoy a break, with an apple of course! This book has a lot of practical applications such as making the recipes Annie makes, sorting apples by different characteristics and talking about where apples come from. – Miss Felicia and Miss Kat

Any book by Matthew Van Fleet is a winner in our house. My daughter learned her body parts reading the book, Heads. There are so many fun flaps and pull tabs to manipulate. – Miss Ashley

Margaret y Margarita is one of my favorite books to use in bilingual classrooms because it encourages children to learn both English and Spanish while also promoting inclusiveness. Children love this sweet story about making friends and it’s fun to see how the characters make their friendship work, even though the both speak different languages. -Miss Georgia