The Apache Junction Public Library provides free access to computers and the internet. When you visit the Library, you may use your library card to sign in, or sign up for a free pass to use the computers.

The Library also has portable hotspots that can be checked out. These hotspots allow internet access from anywhere in the continental United States. For more information, click here.

Staff Assistance
One-on-one assistance: Computer Technicians are available on site to help you with your computer needs. Additionally, Computer Technicians can assist you virtually or by phone; please call (480) 474-8569 or speak to a staff member.
Computer classes:
Due to COVID-19, computer classes are suspended. In the future, see our calendar of events for a schedule of computer classes. To register for any class, please come to the library, call (480) 474-8555, or register online.


Print from any library computer or your own computer, phone, or tablet. To print from your own device, click here.

Prints are .25 cents for black and white and $1 for color.


Copies may be made from our copy machine and are .10 cents for black and white 8.5 x 11, .15 cents for black and white 11 x 17, $1 for color 8.5 x 11, and $1.50 for color 11 x 17.

Scans and Faxes

Scans may be made to your personal email address or flash drive. There is no charge for scanning.

Outgoing faxes are provided at no charge to local or toll-free numbers. We cannot receive faxes.