Winter Lecture Series

Sponsored by Arizona Humanities Council, Brookdale Apache Junction, the Friends of the Library of Apache Junction, and Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport.

The Apache Junction Public Library is pleased to present our 2017 Winter Lecture Series. All lectures will be on Tuesdays at 2:30 PM. No registration is required.

Cowboy on a horse

Songs of the Old West | February 28, 2017
Presented by Erik Larson
Take yourself back in time to hear the music that made cowboy legends out of the Sons Of The Pioneers, Roy Rogers and Gene Autry, not to mention Jimmy Wakely and so many other western singers who so effectively in song romanticized the American West.

Past Lectures

A Pictorial History of Arizona from Prehistory to Present | January 3, 2017
Presented by Jim Turner
State Highway Sign AZFrom the geological wonders of the Grand Canyon and the Petrified Forest to cutting-edge biotech industries and Native American art galleries, this whirlwind pictorial history tour of Arizona from prehistory to the present shows it all.

The Woman Who Shot Cowboys: Rodeo Photographer Louise L. Serpa | January 10, 2017
Presented by Jan Cleere
Anyone who has ever stared down an angry bull coming full throttle across an arena will understand why rodeo photographer Louise Serpa often uttered the adage, “Never Don’t Pay
Attention.” This program demonstrates the courage and resolution of a woman who was determined to decide her own fate while ascending to the highest pinnacles of rodeo photography.

Honky Tonks, Brothels and Mining Camps: Entertainment in Old Arizona | January 17, 2017
Presented by Jay Cravath
In pioneer Arizona, among the best places to experience the performing arts were in the mining towns. From the early popular music of ragtime and minstrelsy during the forming of these communities evolved orchestras, opera and glee clubs – all in hamlets like Tombstone.

Little SuAnnie Oakleyre Shot – Annie Oakley and the Closing of the American West | January 24, 2017
Presented by R. Casey Davis
Annie Oakley is perhaps the best recognized, but little known personalities that came out of the American West. Her life story is one which is enmeshed deeply into the fabric of the American character, and provides an insight to a time of transition and upheaval in the nation that is both uniquely American and individual at the same time.

On the Arizona Frontier, Ranch Medicine | January 31, 2017
Presented by Jody Drake
Once your family arrived in the west often there was not a doctor within miles. The medical care of the family landed in the hands of the family. For this presentation a frontier medical bag is used to take an in depth look at illness and how it was treated in late 1800s Arizona.

Working in the Salt Mine: Native American Salt Mining In Arizona | February 7, 2017
Presented by Todd Bostwick
This presentation describes the history of a famous salt mine in Camp Verde, Arizona, where prehistoric Sinagua tools used for mining salt were discovered in the 1920s deep inside tunnels dug into a thick, fresh-water salt deposit.

The Story of the Lost Dutchman Mine | February 14, 2017
Presented by Clay Worst
Clay Worst has pursued the Dutchman story for almost 70 years, and has spent about seven years on treasure trail in the Superstitions. He was close to the story. He shook the hand of a man that shook the Dutchman’s hand.

All Hat and No Cattle: The Language of the American West | February 21, 2017
Presented by Steve Renzi
Ride shotgun with Renzi as he explores the meanings and historical origins of Western words and slang phrases such as “climb down off your high horse” and “passing the buck.”


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