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Direct Addresses

Each website has a direct address to access it. This is called a URL. The Apache Junction Public Library's URL is

You can access any website by its URL by clicking in the address bar and typing the address, then pressing ENTER on the keyboard.

Each website has an extension such as .com or .gov to signify its purpose.

.com - Commercial website (i.e. Microsoft, Pepsi)

.net - Network site

.org - Organization site (Non-profit or other organizations)

.edu - Educational site

.gov - Government site (i.e. IRS, Social Security Administration)



The City of Apache Junction invites and welcomes people of all disabilities to use our programs, sites and facilities. Any question about Library services for people with disabilities can be answered by our Library ADA Coordinator (480) 474-8555, TDD (480) 983-6012 or Additional information may be found at