1. Do I need to register to attend a class?

Registration is highly recommended.  We have limits on how many children can attend a class with their parent or caregiver, and priority is also given to new parents and their accompanying children.  If you show up without registering, we may or may not be able to accommodate you and your children.

2. What if my child is 6 years old?

Unfortunately, our grant is only for children ages 0-5, even if a 6-year old has not started Kindergarten yet. Children that have already begun Kindergarten also do not qualify under the grant.

3. What if I cannot attend all 11 classes in the series?

It is very important that you attend all 11 classes.  If you know prior to registering that you will not be able to attend 2 or more classes, we ask that you please wait until another time to register when you can attend all 11.  We realize, however, that people get sick and unforeseen circumstances arise.

4. Can I attend an 11 week series more than once? 

You can complete a full 11 week series twice.  If you have already attended an 11 week series twice and attended every class of both series, we do ask that you give other families a chance to learn from and enjoy our program.  If you have missed a class or two, you may be able to make up the classes you missed.  Please speak to your Fun Van teacher about doing this.

5. If I miss my class, can I come to another class that week to make it up?

Unfortunately, no.  Most of our classes are full so we cannot accommodate you in a different class.