Meet Your Educator: Miss Georgia

What was your childhood ambition? To be famous.

What book are you currently reading? I’m between books currently but was last seen perusing a cook book.

What’s your favorite summer beverage or treat? Green smoothies

What’s one of your funniest parenting or teaching moments? When my family was travelling to California, we passed a windmill farm and my astute 3 year old daughter noticed that the windmills were not all spinning at the same rate. She pointed to the slowest moving ones and asked, “Mom, are those ones tired?”

What’s a fun fact about you? I lived in the Dominican Republic for 3 years when I was a teenager.

What snack is your guilty pleasure? Almost anything with chocolate and coconut.

How many years have you been with the Fun Van? 2 weeks

What did you do before working at the Fun Van? I was a CASA Coordinator, working with CASA volunteers, who help advocate for the best interests of foster children.

How did you hear about the Fun Van? I found it online.

What do you enjoy most about working at Fun Van? Being able to teach and utilizing my creativity.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time? Spending time with family, hiking when it’s not too hot, gardening, planting trees and cooking for my family.

What advice do you have for parents? The most important thing you can do in parenting is to love your children. If they do not doubt that they are loved, they will feel a sense of security in the family and a sense of self-efficacy that will carry them through the rough patches in life.

What’s one of your favorite books and activities for your Fun Van families? To be determined . . .